Defeating the serpent – the problems and the power of emotion


This blog looks into the power of emotion, how it can work against us, but also how it can be used productively.  To explain this I will be continuing to use the Model of the Mind.

We saw in my first blog that it was the ‘serpent’ in man that we had to defeat if we are to save the planet for our children and children’s children. Defeating serpents requires women to be permanently attacking what is going on, actively and constantly opposing the defective ‘conscious intellect’ – with its rubbish stuffed memory; inflated ego and bully tactics; selfish desires; lies and deceit; wilfulness, cunning and wile; and misplaced defective reasoning.

In other words, women have to attack the serpent on his own soil, his own territory, undermining him the whole time, finding data which contradicts what he spouts, applying reasoning, crushing its ego and learning to say NO at its selfishness, or destructive desires.

Our help in this is ‘Adam’, our Higher spirit, the Christ within, the Buddha nature, the Atman; our link to the realm of God and spirit. But we must accept the existence of this help – believe and have faith – and do not doubt the existence of God, the angels, or the spirit world at large.

How emotion works against us

Emotion is in truth essential in the functioning of a healthy sane human being.  All the emotions are based on contrast. For any one emotion such as love, there is a contrasting emotion – thus hate. In between the two one then gets various intensities of emotion, until we have the centre point of the two which is a neutral point. 

Men of intellect – ‘clever’ men – find emotion and displays of emotion to be a complete ‘turn-off’.  Women have a tendency to raise their voices when emotional and appear childish, which further undermines any real argument they may have.  Serpents furthermore, use any uncontrolled displays of emotion as weapons against us. Tears indicate weakness and weakness is immediately exploited.

It is largely true that if we succumb to high levelsof emotion, reasoned behaviour does suffer.  But no emotion is itself very dangerous as we shall see.

Part of the package of being an ‘intellectual’ is to replace emotional discussion with totally unemotional, supposedly factual discussion based on reason.  But unfortunately there appears to be the general belief that any levelof emotion interferes with the reasoning process and produces irrational thinking.

This is not true.

Very high levels of emotion can serve to squash the functioning of reason, and indeed high levels of emotion can produce irrational behaviour.  Hitler, in his speeches, intentionally provoked extreme emotion and by doing so his audience were led to believe in lies and act dangerously and irrationally.

Thus the strength of emotions can have a disproportionate effect on what we learn and it may distort, but when kept at moderate intensity levels emotion helps, giving us a perspective on the importance of the situation we are commenting on or having to deal with.

Crush emotion and we become fools when it comes to dealing in the future with danger, because we have lost all our emotional input about the seriousness of the situation and potential risk.

This, if we think about it, is common sense – we learn from pain, we learn from pleasure, we learn what causes us joy, we learn what causes us sadness.  The emotions thus exert a powerful influence on the picture – the model – we construct in our own minds about the universe and how it operates. It is essential to our very survival.

The function of ‘Perception’ is like a log of all actions whether ‘physical’ or not.  Perceptions are used to enable us to construct memory – to learn.  This process of learning uses all the contents of the perceptions ‘log’ including the emotions.

Without emotions or with extreme disproportionate emotions, our learning process actually fails in giving us the data we will need in the future.  It constructs faulty memories.

Thus in dealing with the Serpents, we must learn to moderate our emotions to ensure we have a proper perspective of the risks of a situation, but we must never crush emotions or let them become extreme.

If we crush them we lose all our understanding of the comparative seriousness of a situation and if we let them get out of hand, they interfere with the reasoning process and we automatically [and quite rightly] get dismissed as a jibbering idiot.

Emotion and behavioural control

The emotion and perception systems are instinctive and largely uncontrollable reactions to external or occasionally internal [memory or bodily function] stimuli.  But they can be controlled by behavioural systems.

We may experience a violent and almost uncontrollable emotion as a result of some stimuli, but behaviourally we may choose to consciously control the emotion we have and act differently from that which might be the first reaction of a child.  Thus a child’s behaviour is usually to express the emotion directly in their behaviour. An adult is taught to control their behaviour.

Thus it is by learning some measure of behavioural control, that we learn to moderate emotions.

We must learn how to act in a way more conducive to counteracting threats and obtaining and achieving the goals we have, as well as taking advantage of any opportunities presenting themselves.  In other words behavioural controls are applied to help us achieve what we want more effectively than simply behaving like an annoying demanding emotional child.

The emotions in turn feed the biological systems we have and can cause physical changes.  Anger may cause my face to redden, sadness causes tears to flow. And it is generally almost impossible to behaviourally control the physical effects of emotions, which is why ‘body language’ is such a powerful clue to what people are really experiencing.

So playing by the rules of the Intellect and the Serpent, we must apply the same behavioural brakes on our emotions to get what we want – politeness, restraint, coolness, calm, turning the other cheek, but in doing so it is better to do so via the written word, as then the falsity of our behaviour, will not be betrayed by our body language and we have the time to apply our behavioural breaks.

Even if the Serpent deliberately uses insults, gibes, nasty taunts and hurtful or even offensive language to try to coax emotion from us, so that he can accuse us of irrational behaviour and over emotional responses, we must stand our ground and keep to the territory gained by ignoring all such ploys.  Apply the behavioural brakes.

The rules of confrontation and duelling demand we :

  • Stand our ground and resist all our urges to display any emotion whatsoever.
  • Rise above the insults and taunts, ignore them
  • Concentrate on what you wish to achieve and the reasoned argument you are trying to express.
  • Never make the argument a personal one, avoid all use of the word ‘you’.

Never lose the initiative in any discussions with Serpents, always lead, do not respond to any comments other than ones in which a genuine and rational question or point has been raised and deserves to be answered.  Use any questions leading you into their territory by replies that simply add to your arguments, the reply can be wholly unrelated to their intentionally cunning question.

How lack of emotion – repression and suppression is a danger to society

It is the Serpent’s own repressive behavioural control of emotion which largely results in them losing all contact with their Higher spirit [Adam].

By suppressing the Subconscious, they close the door on their one way of gaining spiritual input from their Higher spirit.  By closing the door on spiritual input the serpent not only loses all inspiration, wisdom, healing, and senses of bliss, but he also loses all sense of what is right and wrong.

This is because one of those spiritual inputs is a conscience, which is why Serpents have no conscience.  So this form of repression of emotion is dangerous indeed.

The naturally unemotional man [or woman], or the men whose religion forces them to repress natural emotions and feelings [like sexual desire], or the man or woman whose emotions have been suppressed by anti-depressants or anti-psychotics or tranquillisers is hugely dangerous to society at large, as it is a pointer to the fact that the subconscious door to morality is firmly shut.

It is why the left brained scientist with his extreme unemotional approach to information can still blithely talk about nuclear power as a viable energy source, despite two extremely serious explosions of plants affecting millions and killing or making sick hundreds of thousands. To them it was just another event in a whole series of events every day which didn’t have any emotional impact on them at all.

Every time we medicate emotion from people’s lives we do the same thing to them, they become a danger to themselves and others.  It is no accident that the rise in selfish, immoral behaviour has sky rocketed in those societies where use of these drugs is common place.

When very high emotion can be channelled productively

The only way to allow emotion into any form of discussion with a Serpent is to use it to help you find examples supporting your argument, shocking enough to give the overall case you are making an almost indisputable hold on people’s own emotions.

For example recently Russia has launched the ‘Akademik Lomonosov Floating Nuclear Co-generation Plant’.  In general the posts about this event were not exactly favourable, as such I could have left it, especially as whatever we post will probably have no effect, however, – a serpent struck –

“I have nothing against nuclear. In fact, it is a way to generate dependable energy without emitting large amounts of CO2. The dangers of nuclear energy are exaggerated, far more people have been killed by fossil fuel burning than reactor accidents.  Being against nuclear is silly…”

Notice how this is not an argument.  ‘Far more people have been killed’…. Which I assumed to be part of the normal serpent approach to ‘acceptable levels of casualties’. And anyone against this argument is ‘silly’.  He also added ‘Even when contamination gets out it will be diluted like crazy. That’s why Fukushima raised US coast seawater by only a couple of becquerels of Cs-137 per cubic meter.

So I just added a small post indicating that ‘During Chernobyl, the estimated radioactive inventory that was released during the very hot fire phase approximately equaled in magnitude the airborne fission products released in the initial destructive explosion’. …..and that ‘If the boat sinks, it will of course explode – anyone who has seen hot metal hit cold water will know the effects are spectacular, so Russia has to all intents and purposes made a floating bomb disguised as a nuclear power plant, that it can tow to its target.”
I further pointed out that “Russia has more sources of energy than it knows what to do with and these ‘power plants’ are just a dash unnecessary, if not downright suspicious.  All they need to do is set the ‘fuses’ going then sink them and the explosions and the tidal waves should see most of Northern Europe off the face of the map, or Japan, Taiwan, China and Korea – depending on where it is going

I was of course ridiculed.

The serpent said ‘Don’t know what Rosemary is smoking but it seems quite strong’.

Now others at this stage had suddenly cottoned on to the dangers and I was actually supported, one chap wrote “So it is basically a giant nuclear torpedo with built in deniability. “Whoops, must of had an accident on board.”

But my emotion was running high, not at the implied insult, but at the fact there was a serpent there who was still trying to push the idea that nuclear energy was safe, efficient, low cost [!] etc. and that people and creatures dying or being made horribly sick was an acceptable risk, or polluting the sea with radioactive waste was an acceptable practise and and and …..

So, how to channel the emotion into something that might get people interested in where I got my information from [and thus find out about the site] and also to make them think?…………..So I put this, all of which is genuinely quoted material.  It doesn’t matter whether it is true or not, I have sources from which I have gleaned the information:

Just as a point of complete trivia, the start of the End of the World is supposed to be happening around now. The Shaivites have predicted the end to be in about 400 years time, no humans or anything much else will survive, but the Zoroastrians [bless ’em] have this to say about recognising it has begun:
“…. the earth is more barren; and the crop will not yield the seed. And men become more deceitful and more given to vile practices. They will have no gratitude. Honorable wealth will proceed to those of perverted faith. And a dark cloud makes the whole sky night, and it will rain more noxious creatures than water.”
If the explosion from this nuclear ‘plant’ running amok and then sinking is big enough, it may well rain fish and crustaceans, jellyfish and starfish, sea snakes and coral, polar bears and seals, whales and dolphins [all in bits of course] … which I guess might be quite noxious if you are under the deluge’

And this is how you channel high emotion into emotion in others.


A quick note from Deb

opposing-the-serpent-rosemary-rock-evansI’d just like to acknowledge how honoured and grateful I am to publish this blogpost, the first of a series from Rosemary Rock-Evans. Rosemary is my Aunty through marriage (both of us married Rock-Evans’) and we have never met in person. We have however forged a friendship and mutual respect for each others work and efforts to share our passions and concerns with the world, we support and empower each other to bravely ‘use our voice’ online and that is why I invited her as a guest author on this topic.


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