Wait… What? We should be eating our weeds????!!!!

This month we enjoy a walk through the garden with Natalie Hormann from the Rabbithole. She’s a gardener, ponderer and pioneer of the great undoing who helps people like me take the right steps to live a more sustainable life by reducing our lessons learned the hard way.

We take a walk around our garden and she gives me advice with how to support what I’ve planted and what I should be doing more of.

She also tells me lot’s about the weeds that grow prolifically on our property and how I shouldn’t be so embarrassed about them after all.

Interesting fact: Did you know that some edible weeds often have more nutrients than your vegetables?!

Natalie Hormann

So we should be popping these babies in our smoothies and in our pestos! Watch the video below to the end and get a great Weed Pesto recipe.

You can check out Natalie’s sustainable plot and project here https://www.therabbithole.co.nz

And you may be interested to check out her coaching services to help other social impact entrepreneurs to take their projects to the masses can be found here https://www.futurelivingcoach.com

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