Sustainable in the Suburbs – an introduction

A look around our garden and what the hell is a WWOOFer?


I’m just starting out on this Sustainable in the Suburbs mission (this year) and with a hubby working full-time, 3 bonus kids every other week and a pre-schooler at Kindy 3 days, that doesn’t leave me loads of time to do this single handedly.

I’ve made great progress so far this year with the help of WWOOFR’s – Willing Workers On Organic Farms – travellers who are looking for authentic cultural experiences as well as learning new skills in exchange for food and board. Find out more here

Together we’ve done some significant landscaping, building compost bins and living walls out of pallets and sowed seeds, planted seedlings, mulched and cultivated the soil in the new garden beds.

If you’re interested in growing a fruitful garden this summer then the work starts now! Spring has Sprung!

This is my intro video to what I hope will be a regular ongoing retrospective video diary of our journey to become Sustainable in the Suburbs. I’d love for you to SUBSCRIBE to my Channel and share the journey with us.

This first video takes you on a short tour of the garden in August 2018 and you can meet some of the people who are helping us out as we embark on this new way of living.

Over the coming months you’ll meet my hubby Zanda who’s a bit of a handyman and loves creating things. You’ll meet Morgan our son who’s currently 4 and quite into diggers, picking me flowers and helping out in the garden. You may even see some cameos of my bonus kids’ Zak, Paige and Liam who live with us every other week. You’ll see more of our WWOOFers’ no doubt including Lilli who’s a regular plus any other local experts who come along to offer their wisdom!

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