September Soil Tests

Spring is kicking in and all the new leaves are coming out! September in the garden was all about more mulching, composting and growing seedlings indoors and running some soil tests.

I’m trying to enrich my soil in the various garden beds and so in September I did a soil test to find out the ratio of sand, clay and silt. I’m looking for a loamy soil which is a 40/40/20 ratio of sand, clay and silt. I took a cross section of soil from each garden bed and put it in a jar, with water and a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent to help seperate the layers.

Turns out I have quite a bit of sand despite thinking I had more clay. I might need to do this test again I think!

I’m also starting to learn about gardening by the moon! Full moon is not the time to be planting anything as the energy is changing between a waxing and waning moon. A waxing moon has a pulling energy so is a great time to be planting plants that grow their fruit above the ground. A waning moon means the energy is drawing back into the earth so plant root vegetables then.

I’ll share more of what I learn about this in the coming months!


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