The Art of Building Sand Castles

Following on from from the conversation about the need for women especially, to defeat the serpent and understand the power of emotion, in this blog I will take a look at the dangers that unchallenged beliefs, assumptions and prejudices pose – as we unwittingly build castles of sand on them.  We will examine how these sand castles provide us with no real safety or security, and may result in our being washed away by the tides of life. The solution?  Be awake to what is happening – WAM!! 



We are perpetually bombarded with the propaganda of those who wish to control us in order to exert their power, make money and gain what they desire.  Remember, ‘Authority’ does not actually exist, it is only when we abdicate responsibility for ourselves to others that they gain control over us.

The belief in science as the panacea to all problems is particularly pernicious.  If anything we have regressed. We have gone from believing that God was looking after us and would solve everything, to believing that scientists and science are looking after us and will solve everything.  And this is now called Scientism – and it is a new religion with the motive of money, power and desire.

Great edifices of scientific belief systems ‘science as religion’ and ‘scientific sects’ have been built on foundations of sand. There is even one sect called the Neo-Darwinists.


The High Priests strike – a little story

And lo the priest of the new Science Religion said, see what powerful magicians we are, more powerful than your old priests. And the people wanting something new turned to the new religion and said ‘show us some miracles’.  And the money rolled in.

And the scientist magicians said:

BEHOLD, we are in control of life and death.  So they released viruses and bacteria and bacteriophage into the air, created toxins, and vaccinated with live viruses.  Then as the people became sick the magician scientists said ‘lo’ – we have here wonder drugs that will alleviate all your symptoms.  And indeed all symptoms disappeared, until the people died in their millions from the pathogens and toxins that were the cause. And the priest physicians laughed and said that this was Darwinism – the weak and the gentle and those with no voice were destined to die.   And the healers with plants and cause based medicine were labelled ‘alternative medicine’ and were ridiculed. And the money kept rolling in.

And the scientist magicians said:

BEHOLD, we are in control of the weather and they released CFCs, and created gas guzzling cars and fossil fuel burning power stations and encouraged massive over consumerism and indeed the weather changed and the people were amazed, and they gave them money in gratitude.  And the weak and the gentle and those who had no voice died in their millions from the floods, the famine and the droughts. The priest scientists laughed and said that this was Darwinism – the weak and the gentle and those with no voice were destined to die.

And the scientist magicians said:

BEHOLD, we will show you heaven as it really is.  So they created telescopes and very very expensive instruments.  And they told the people wonderful fables of massive black holes and giants and big bangs that created the universe, and they gave them coloured greatly altered pictures of nebula to look at.  And the money rolled in.

And some of the quiet and gentle scientists said, excuse me you have made this all up.  And they found themselves without jobs and occasionally shot in the back in mysterious ‘suicides’.  And the money kept rolling in…


The terrible dangers of Scientism

The first and most dangerous belief that guides many and which needs to be entirely obliterated from our lives is the belief that scientists, science and medical people are ‘right’ – that ‘science will solve everything’.  

Despite Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, Fukushima; despite thalidomide, and nanoparticle causing cancer; despite the microbead environmental disaster, climate change, and the Great Pacific garbage patch [the largest accumulation of ocean plastic in the world];  there are still people deluded enough to believe that ‘science knows best’.  

The horrors of iatrogenic illness

Dr. Lucian Leape MD is a physician and professor at Harvard School of Public Health, who has been very active in trying to improve the medical system to reduce medical error.  In 2006, Modern Healthcare named him as one of the 30 people who have had the most impact on healthcare in the past 30 years. Dr Leape “conducted the most comprehensive study of medical errors in the United States, and estimated that one million patients nationwide are injured by errors during hospital treatment each year and that 120,000 die as a result”.

Scientism and genetic modification

As far back as 2008, Prince Charles warned that the adoption of genetic modification in farming would set the world on course for “the biggest disaster, environmentally, of all time“.  He said that “gigantic corporations” are “conducting an appalling world-wide experiment with nature and the whole of humanity, which has gone seriously wrong“.   

With the emphasis only on increasing yield – not on taste, not on sustainability and not on environmental impact across a wider spectrum of plants and insects, these crops are serving to make food nutritionally worthless, tasteless, and contributing to the desertification of large tracts of land.  They are also said to be a contributory factor [via a long chain of cause and effect] to the extinction of many species.

There are other tragic effects.  India, for example, has witnessed around 300,000 farmer-suicides over the past two decades from growing GM cotton (Philpott, 2015; Mishra, 2014).  Genetically modified seed has caused problems with seed saving since the seeds do not produce viable offspring. And “although the transgenic trait is supposed to contribute to savings on pesticide application, it has not been so because of … secondary pests…. there is a definite association between economic factors associated with Bt. cotton farming and farmer-suicide……. farmers’ needs and concerns were disregarded by successive governments, and despite the high number of farmer-suicides, India’s governments failed to address the crisis.  Their continued advocacy is significant in the context of a weak democracy like India, where market forces are given precedence over farmers’ welfare …..” [[PMID: 28497354]]

And then we have the truly terrifying problem of pharmaceuticals.

Scientism and pharmaceuticals

scientism-pharmaceuticalsIf we take an example category of pharmaceuticals such as osteoporosis treatments; using the Adverse drug reports submitted by doctors to the FDA and SEDA in the USA, the total deaths caused by this class of drug as at mid August 2015 were 10,695.  These figures only apply to the USA where the ADRs are collected, think what this means in the rest of the world. 

Immunosuppressants, so called ‘steroids’, according to the same source had caused 44,416 deaths in the US alone as of early September 2015 and 1,655,748 people were suffering from side-effects.

Benzodiazepines [for example Valium] are as addictive as heroin and withdrawal is worse than the cold turkey effects heroin addicts experience.  In the responsible medical literature, the prescribed use of all benzodiazepines is definitively not recommended for children or the young [usually defined as under 18 or under 21] or the elderly,  and is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers, as it can seriously harm the baby. And yet every year in the USA an estimated 30,000 ‘benzo babies’ are born. These pharmaceuticals cause brain damage.


I am sure it would be sensible to restrict as much as possible the work of these gentlemen, who are capable of doing an immense amount of harm with what may very easily degenerate into charlatanry. The tightest hand should be kept over them. [Winston Churchill – On psychiatrists, in a letter to John Anderson, Lord President of the Council December 19, 1942]


No checks, no balances, no control and no ethics

How did science become so powerful, with no controls, no regulations, no proper checks on its activity?  

The answer is because we – the consumer of all this – let it.  Ultimately we let the scientists remove the old gods, so that they could become the new gods.  Religion was ridiculed and in its place we have accepted a new religion – Scientism.

Arrogance, assertive language [must, will, have to], and over confidence are not indicators that someone is right. Weasel words in the text of articles or papers such as ‘obviously’, ‘clearly’, ‘intuitively obvious’, are sure fire indicators that something in the text is very very wrong. A loud voice and a tendency to interrupt someone else when they are speaking, does not indicate wisdom – quite the reverse. An empty kettle makes the most noise.

But I am afraid we fell and fall for it, hook line and sinker.  You open a paper and what does it say ‘scientists report that…’ And you believe it.


The significant role evolution plays in promoting Scientism

One area that ‘Scientism’ has concentrated on extensively is evolution.  Darwin’s theory has been adapted to the point where he would never have recognised it.  He certainly would not have agreed with what is now being said in his name. He was a most devout Christian, his wife even more so, and Scientism is essentially atheistic in intent.

Darwin noted, using observations, that species change in response to the environment in which they find themselves. He did not say how this happened, in fact he used a horticulturist and farmer to help him show that by selective breeding one could evolve a species to have different traits suited to the environment.  

Scientism now says that species evolved from other species in an extraordinary set of statistically impossible series of random mutations. The importance of this to Scientism is that if people believe this, then Scientism becomes THE religion. They can claim that there is no plan for the universe, everything is pure chance, no God created the world, heaven is a figment of the imagination. When we die we go nowhere; we simply die, puff, go out like a candle.

It is an exceptionally bleak view, but science plays on the ‘I want’ mentality of its followers by saying, ‘aaah but we can make the changes less random so that we can have the world we want’. But its followers do not seem to realise that the ‘we’ means the scientists, not the followers.

And remember that they are creating the world they want at this very moment. And it is without a doubt not the world that the majority want – if it even manages to survive the onslaught.

Here is James Dewey Watson, as quoted in “Stupidity should be cured, says DNA discoverer“, by Shaoni Bhattacharya, in New Scientist (28 February 2003)

“People say it would be terrible if we made all girls pretty. I think it would be great”.

And they are doing this to our young girls now, – anorexic, anxious, obsessed by appearances as they are, vaccinated against the sexual diseases these men do not want to catch. Every product sold to young girls by science from make-up to foods, to magazines, is designed to produce the women these men want. Nutritionally deprived, scantily clad, compliant, infertile and unquestioning. Sex objects in loveless liaisons.

And here we have Watson talking about Rosalind Franklin, whose data and research were actually THE key factors in determining the structure of DNA, but who died in 1958 of ovarian cancer, before the importance of her work was acknowledged.

From The Double Helix: A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA (1968) – James Dewey Watson

By choice she did not emphasize her feminine qualities. Though her features were strong, she was not unattractive and might have been quite stunning had she taken even a mild interest in clothes. This she did not. There was never lipstick to contrast with her straight black hair, while at the age of thirty-one her dresses showed all the imagination of English blue-stocking adolescents… Clearly Rosy had to go or be put in her place. The former was obviously preferable because, given her belligerent moods, it would be very difficult for Maurice to maintain a dominant position… Unfortunately, Maurice could not see any decent way to give Rosy the boot… The thought could not be avoided that the best home for a feminist was in another person’s lab.

Remember this, fellow Wake Up Warriors;  We will not like the world they are creating for themselves, and we may even find we and our children are ‘removed’ from it, one way of the other. In just such a way the Nazis took a hold.


Undermining Neo-Darwinism

The principle battle-ground is thus evolution and if we want to halt Scientism then we need to constantly attack the descriptions they blithely spread around as if fictions were truths. So here is an example of what to do.

One of the most important example fossils they use to support what is called ‘trans-speciation’ – the evolution of one species to create a new species is called Archaeopteryx.  Below we see a photo of the fossil they always use.


Using an article in Forbes magazine first we will see how Scientism describes a fossil like this; Remember this is all they have – just this fossil. The article says:


Arguably one of the world’s most famous fossils, the first Archaeopteryx was discovered in Germany in 1861. It possesses a combination of traits that clearly [sic – weasel word] place it as a transitional form between non-avian dinosaurs and birds. Its similarities to non-avian dinosaurs include a long feathered tail and small teeth. Unlike non-avian dinosaurs however, Archaeopteryx also has flight feathers and wings, just like a modern bird. The discovery of the furcula, or fused clavicle bone, in Archaeopteryx was a firm confirmation [weasel word] of the relationship between birds and dinosaurs, as they are the only two groups to have this anatomical feature.”

We could pull this article apart and rip it to shreds as it stands. 

The assumptions it makes are incredible. But we can do more…

The following description, made up by me, is designed to show that alternative interpretations of practically all fossils are possible. We could draw entirely different pictures based on all these bones. In effect, preconceptions, assumptions and beliefs have entirely informed the interpretation the so called ‘scientists’ have said about it, and we can do the same – but we have a master card up our sleeve.  

The big big difference between my description and the Scientism description is that I used interesting evidence to produce it and you could do the same. By using all the mythological pictures and evidence in museums, matching this to fossils, we might be able to produce an entirely different scenario showing that the world was once peopled by fairies and goblins, dwarfs and giants [and indeed there is a great deal of evidence for giants].

Dancing Satyr 500-475 BC Greece-Boeotia Cleveland Museum

The fossil shows a small satyr crushed whilst it was juggling 6 balls , it is clear [sic] that the seventh ball of this planetary symbolic act has been lost, quite possibly it was in the act of retrieving the dropped ball as the mudslide came and buried it. Sadly its head was either cut off by the slide or is to be found in the layers below that we are unable to see.
It wears a bone necklace with a skull hung from it, as well as the wishbone necklace, both symbols of the shaman and satyr, as such it may have been the familiar of a mighty shaman, it is dressed in a cloak decorated with feathers. Its feet are enclothed in pure white fur, again indicating this satyr was the familiar of a shaman of some note. The satyr also has the large Priapus like penis commonly associated with spirits of this kind. The hoofs are present with their long nails, along with the long clawed talons of the hands. The tail of the satyr is clearly shown and lays over its very long cloak. This is a very well preserved specimen of the smaller satyr.

In conclusion

Our enemy is Scientism – not science, because no man steeped in Scientism practices science – and Scientism’s principal mode of infiltration is its condemnation of ‘religion’ coupled with its obsessive support of Neo-Darwinism.

But we could tackle both by using the fossil records to support the objects and beliefs of systems which were more in tune with Nature, and where respect for the God/gods of creation was paramount in the way we ran our lives. Look hard enough and I am sure we will be able to find unicorns!

And beware the man bearing gifts who say ‘scientists report that…’

Beyond Biofeedback – Drs Elmer and Alyce Green
Rolling Thunder talked about the Great Spirit, the source of the medicine man’s powers, and the one and only sovereign he answers to.
He spoke about nature and said that it is nature’s law that keeps all things in balance so that everything that is done must in time bring its just results, good or bad.
He spoke of the Earth as a being, the mother who nurtures us all, plants, animals, and humans, and makes us all brothers.

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