My Epihany Moment

Buttoning off my Business to go Sustainable in the Suburbs

My BIG news for right now and the forseeable future! I’m buttoning off my business! Things are changing around here but I’m not disappearing, simply following my heart and taking a different path.I’m still supporting video, website and graphic design clients, I’m just not actively attracting more business. If you'd like to work with me and we're great fit then all good – I’m here to help!I’m still doing FB Lives and videos but for my own interests and passions – the World Awake Movement and documenting my journey from suburban middle class over-consumer to green sustainable off the grid living! You can follow my journey by visiting and following my Page at and if you’re interested in helping me out on this journey then send me a message at ????THANKYOU all for your support and I hope you’ll stick around to find out what happens!

Posted by Deb Rock-Evans on Friday, 27 October 2017


I had an epiphany late 2017. (This is the video I posted after having it.) I realised that I had arrived. I had everything I needed in life to be happy. I was loved. I had a beautiful family. I was comfortable. I didn’t want or need for anything. I lived in a beautiful home. I didn’t actually need to work or bring in an income. I was lucky! But I still wasn’t happy.

I wasn’t happy because I was pushing. I was pushing in a direction that my soul didn’t want me following. I was following an age old story of my own (and society’s) creation which was to follow the money. I was focussed on making money, having more money, which would help me live the life I wanted… Right? Wrong!

How sad is that? How busy do we get, being busy working on yet another thing that we want to attain? Are we stopping to smell the roses at all and be grateful for what we do have? For what we have attained or achieved?

Life’s not about attaining stuff. It’s not even about the journey because that would suggest that life has a final destination and that’s what we’re all aiming for. I’m not aiming for my imminent death! I’m not even aiming for a retirement that I may never get to fully enjoy. So what is the point in constantly trying to attain something?

The life I want involves having flexibility and freedom, the ability to travel with my family more, to spend more time with those closest to me, to follow my passions and make a difference in the world. To leave a legacy.

I’d been feeling a pull towards a simpler life for a long time yet I was still caught up in the hustle and busy-ness of life. With my business I was totally sick of the hustle and hard work for little reward (at the time) and not getting the quality time with my son who was my ‘why’ for having the business in the first place. It was another stressor in my life, rather than a saviour that I thought it would be. So I stripped right back and retained 20% of my clients, my favourite clients who I love working with and who love working with me. They’re bringing in my 80% that I need. They cover my overheads and leave me with a little extra. I don’t need more than that.

‘Holy crap – I Am Here, Here I Am,’ – I wanted this life and now I have it. I have arrived.

This was my epiphany moment. I already have a wonderful life, people I love and who love and need me, a beautiful home, I don’t need anything else. What is the point in not enjoying that? If I’m constantly focussed on attaining and I’m onto the next thing, and the next thing and the next thing, am I ever truly going to be happy?

I now have space to follow my passion project World Awake Movement and my personal mission to go Sustainable in the Suburbs and they are what I’m putting my 80% of time into now (outside of family of course).

I have not looked back. I don’t miss anything about where I was this time last year.

I think you’re amazing if you’re listening to your heart right now and finding the courage to focus on what is truly important in life. Your family. Your wellbeing. Your health. Your passions. Especially when you find yourself feeling guilty or feeling like you’re quitting or giving up on something else in order to create the space to focus on what’s important or what you need. But remember, it’s the head that makes you feel the guilt – don’t worry, she’ll quieten down and your heart will sing louder.

And you’ll find, once you allow the dust to settle and you look to see what’s still standing there – it may not be what you thought it would be or what you’ve focussed on for much of your life. It will be simple. It will be home. You’ll have arrived.

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