EMF Waves and Electrosmog

What’s the real deal?

Do you know about the harmful effects of EMF waves and electrosmog? Especially on the developing brains of little children from any exposure to tablets, mobile phones and WiFi routers? If you’re keen to learn more and hear about the risks and what you can be doing to protect yourself and your family then this video is a must watch!

This ‘conversation that matters’ went DEEP with Clare Williamson! Clare is a tenacious chick with a big goal to inspire wellness and help others create the freedom and live in limitless abundance!

Follow her page www.facebook.com/cwfullcirclewellness to follow the journey and be inspired. 

For anyone who is interested in joining Clare’s Facebook group here’s the link Safe Wave Warriors. This is where she posted everything she was learning so others could learn too! So hopefully it does stop you falling down the rabbit hole of information if you are just starting your learning journey.



Here’s what we covered:

  • What are EMF Waves? What is electrosmog?
  • What science is there on the effects on kids brain development?
  • How should kids safely use their devices?
  • How can we minimise our family’s exposure to EMF waves?
  • How can we influence our kids to change their tech behaviour?
  • Is it affecting fertility? Men, women and kids?
  • Should we be sleeping with devices by our bed?
  • What’s the link to tumours?AND MORE!!!


Important Links to carry on your own research:

To be transparent Clare is an Official Distributor now after she found such a demand for BioZen and learned more about the Company’s overall mission, which is to eradicate disease from the planet with personalised wellness and technology! She is a massive health freak (https://cwfullcirclewellness.wordpress.com/in-your-wellness/), amateur kickboxer and non-toxic mama, so their mission really resonated with her.


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