So who am I?

I’m Deb Rock-Evans. I’m a mid-forties mum in suburban New Zealand who’s stepping away from the hustle to focus on living sustainably and raising my ‘modern blended family’ as best as I can. I’ve chosen to stop thinking about living ‘the good life’ and just live it. 

Why am I on a mission to do that?

Well it’s an area in my life where I have full control to create change. I can empower and educate myself and my family and do my part to lessen my impact and footprint on the planet.  For years I’ve been feeling bad about my level of consumption and waste. For longer still I’ve felt sad and powerless to do anything to help save our planet. Ever since having Morgan I’ve been worried about the chemicals and toxins we put into and onto our bodies and I wonder what sort of a legacy my generation will be leaving long after we’re gone.



I decided to step back from my business and all the hustle that went with it late 2017. I had an epiphany that actually, I had ‘made it’, I already had everything I ever really desired in my life but I wasn’t stopping to smell the roses. I wasn’t appreciating all I had achieved and received in my life.

I figured I’d take the next year out to do just that and focus more of my time on raising and educating Morgan, going ‘Sustainable in the Suburbs’ and reigniting my passion project the World Awake Movement.

I’d found myself dreaming about living the ‘Good Life’ (remember that show?) and finding happiness living a more simple, even traditional life, growing food, being more self sufficient, having less stuff and more life skills. Being more self sufficient and less dependant on the system. Having more purpose, quality relationships and more time. Finding more joy and gratitude for the simple things in life.

It’s also fair to mention that in the build up to this I’d been through a tough time with my dad having passed away suddenly. We were very close and the loss triggered changes in me, especially in regards to what was really important to me. I think the greatest lesson he left me with was that the main purpose in life was to ‘be happy’. I’d realised that I still wasn’t happy because I was focussed on the wrong things, such as money and success – and having lot’s of it.

I have a lot to be thankful for.

I have people around me who I love and I’m loved in return. I have a house on hill with an inspiring view. I live in a beautiful country that still has a chance to be a paradise again. I’m not living without anything that I need and I have everything that I could ever really want to be comfortable. Changing the way I view all the great things and relationships that I have in my life right now and finding happiness with that, understanding what my ‘enough’ point is in order to be happy – these are my learnings of late from my recent ‘awakening’. 



Part of my stepping away from the hustle in 2017, from chasing the money, from being everything to everyone, from looking like I have to have all my shit together, bla blah blah… a big part of it was that I was following a yearning that I’ve had for over a decade now…

Which was to simplify life, live a more traditionally simple life, a better quality of life, to have more personal freedom and to be OK with being a mum and not feeling like that’s not enough.

I was sick of feeling like I have to be some superwoman. That I’m not worthy of respect for being a mum. After all, I’m raising the next generation who have to live with and deal with all the shit we’ve caused. I’d better start focussing on empowering them with knowledge and equipping them with the means to adapt and survive in these changing and unsettling times. 

The World Awake Movement started late 2016 and sporadically throughout 2017 when I could spare the time for it. It wasn’t a money generator so more often than not, it wasn’t prioritised.

When I started, I was having ‘conversations that matter’ with my bestie Fiona Buchet and then with other people who who have alternative perspectives on everyday concerns that affect mums like us. So this was and is as much for our own benefit as it is for others who want to learn more about non-mainstream views and solutions to important issues affecting our lives and the planet.

This is broad and epic I know!

Could I be any more vague? Don’t fence me in! Haha.


 But I mean seriously, where the hell do you start with this?


You start where you are right now. So we started with conversations around the question “what are we feeding our kids’ minds’, bodies’ and souls’?” given that many people wanting to talk and listen in, are people like us – mainly mums who want to be more empowered to make the right decisions for their families welfare, based on knowing more of the facts and being more informed. What we’re feeding our kids physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally pretty much covers the main bases.
omg what am i feeding my kids

This movement isn’t being directed, it’s not being sponsored and it doesn’t have some grand plan. The conversations so far are steered by my interests in wanting to consciously parent, educate and raise Mr 3 as well as my bonus kids Mr 10, Miss 13 and Mr 15 to be empowered conscious consumers. To always seek the truth and to question EVERYTHING.

The ‘bigger picture’ for World Awake is to talk about all sorts of topics, health and medicine, money, environmental issues, societal issues, ethical and social issues and alternative governing ideologies.

No I don’t want to talk politics.

I don’t give a shit about Trump.

I don’t even watch the news.

Why? Because I don’t want to get pulled into negative drama, bombarded with all the doom and gloom in the world and go to sleep at night thinking ‘we’re all screwed’. Because I honestly don’t believe that we are. I also don’t believe we will fall at the hands of the minority powers that be if we are all AWAKE and willing to change things in our own lives.
bad news

Power to the People!

It might sound cliche, but while there are more people out there, like me, who are optimistic about our future and believe that everything happens for a reason, then I want to connect with and surround myself with them. And hey, if we can open other people’s eyes a bit more, those who are awakening from a slumber, who are on the verge or cusp of looking at their life and the world around them differently, who are choosing to actively seek the truth, who are willing to be curious and question things and not take what the System is prescribing them, then great.
western woman will save the world

Now it feels more than ever, in my lifetime anyway, that we are soon to be facing turbulent and significant challenges and changes in our world and the way that we, humanity, live in it.

We’re already experiencing it, most people recognise the imbalance, the dis-ease and the destruction (man-made and natural) happening around us. I hear many other people sharing the same sentiment, saying that we are entering a significant time in history, where humanity will be tested, where we have the opportunity to become more enlightened and ascended than at any other period in history. Some are scared and see this as the end of the world as we know it. I know in my heart that the outcome will be good, that a change needs to come for more balance and peace and that humanity needs to wake up, step up and assume our role as the custodians of our beautiful planet and all that lives on her.

But it’s going to take more than just talking… this movement is about empowering ourselves to talk openly and bravely about the things that concern us, being open-minded to alternatives and taking action in our own way towards creating the change we want to see in the world.

xxx Deb

But it’s going to take more than just talking… this movement is about empowering ourselves to talk openly and bravely about the things that concern us, being open-minded to alternatives and taking action in our own way towards creating the change we want to see in the world.

xxx Deb

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