Teaching our kids that they are enough and they don’t have to take on our shit

Can we avoid the conditioning and programming that goes on unconsciously in the formative years?


In a nutshell… No. But we can be mindful of how our kids feel and let them know in the moment that it’s OK, that they’re not a bad person and that it’s OK to feel that way. It all comes down to connection and re-connection.


As parents we just need to let our kids feel loved for who they are, not what they do. We don’t always need to ‘fix’ the way they feel, instead let them feel it and acknowledge that.

Our kids need to have their own experiences and have those experiences validated. Children will do what we do. If we’re stressed, our kids will act out that stress.

We are spiritual, emotional, mental and physical people and we discussed how we’re living in a world that is experiencing accelerated expansion and we’re being confronted with having to face ourselves. Our children seem to be very connected, wise beyond their years it seems. We need to be connected to ourselves in order to help our kids learn to connect to themselves and to be connected with others. It all starts with awareness and self awareness.

We agreed that it seems like every segment of society is breaking down and a new paradigm is coming up. The ice-breaking shifts happening in the health and wellness area especially, is exciting and rewarding for the likes of these two very cool ladies – Kim Knight, a health and empowerment coach known as ‘the Kiwi Health Detective’ and Moira Aberdeen, a coach, mentor and Esogetic Practioner and self confessed ‘crazy researcher woman and keen observer and participant of life’.

We agreed that we are certainly raising a new generation of healers as well as those who will need deep healing. We are in that ‘rubble’ phase that Kim alludes to, as old systems and paradigms break down to make room for new ones coming up. We’re living in the mess of that transition and we all have a role to play I suppose!

Hope you enjoy this broadcast despite the technical communication issues.


Deb & Fi


For more information about Kim Knight and her work with adults visit http://www.kimknighthealth.com/

Moira Aberdeen talked about the book ‘What is a Nuff?’ https://www.humouraustralia.com.au/what-is-a-nuff/

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