“We’re on a mission to see how far we can take living sustainably in the suburbs in the next 5 years.

Is it even possible? How self sufficient can we truly be in this western, middle class society we’re in?”

Sustainable in the suburbs
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Can we achieve Zero waste or close to it in a family of 6?

Can we grow enough food to sustain us and minimise our reliance on on big-chain supermarkets?

Can we reuse, recycle and be conscious consumers regularly, buying durable, long-lasting, ethical and quality products only?

Can we generate our own power and get off the grid in the suburbs?

And how much money can we save? There is nothing sustainable about the way we’re currently living (which is beyond our means!) that’s for sure and contrary to what many people think about living sustainably (that it’s expensive having to buy organic and artisan products/foods etc) I believe the opposite is true.

So these are my main questions and challenges to myself and my family and we are going to uncover them and share the journey with you as we go.

I intend to document the journey with live video streaming via YouTube and Facebook. I’ll also produce YouTube Channel Videos relating to the challenges I’ll set ourselves (and to you!) and educate and inspire you along the way.

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You may be interested in following our journey going Sustainable in the Suburbs if you’re a greenie or wannabe greenie suburban family like us, who wants to cut down on costs, who struggles silently month in month out to live within your means, who wants to take control of your spending, to be more self sufficient, to stop over consuming and start making more sustainable purchasing decisions that are good for you and the planet.

This is for you if you dream of having a lifestyle plot but can’t necessarily afford it right now and realise that you (like us) can just start changing the way you live anyway, right now, with no more excuses.

We can live sustainably without the pretty piece of land!


This is for you if you have grumpy, stressed out families, complacently opting for convenience at such a huge cost to the planet and other cultures as well as to your pockets.

This is for you if you’re sick of all your clutter because you have too much stuff and too much waste!

This is for you if you’re sick of having to question what you buy all the time, sick of checking labels and wondering how you can stop your kids eat so much junk!

You want to be the change you want to see in your families lives and in the world

So take the small everyday steps and make incremental changes and make it happen. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen! (Cue Rachel Hunter Pantene Ad).

You can feel happy, calm, centred, healthy and enjoy more quality harmonious times with your family by taking them gently on this journey with you.

You can be a gardener, you won’t kill all your plants, you will feel amazed to grow and make your own food. You’ll probably get hooked on it!

You can work towards being debt-free, save more, spend less and still have a quality of life that you deserve.

You can connect more with your family and your community and know that you’re living in an environmentally friendly and low impact way.

we love our kids
we want to be empowered

Why don’t you join me and start taking small steps each month?

Achieve some sustainability goals every quarter and feel immensely proud to have created some lifetime habits and routines within a year!

Sign up below for my next challenge and join the other Wake Up Warriors in the private Facebook Group where we share our learnings, tricks, wins and fails and cheer each other along towards going sustainable in the suburbs.