Reduce the Plastic in your household in a month!

Kick start your sustainability journey by getting on top of your plastic problems and empower your family to join in.


Learn a few hacks, make a few changes, form some new habits and make an IMPACT!

Like the idea of a Zero Waste lifestyle but don’t know where to start? It seems overwhelming sometimes to think how much you’d have to change and how much effort that might take – but not trying means nothing will change… and it’s not as hard as you may think. I started my journey in 2018 and I’m not there yet but I’m very satisfied with the progress I’m making and I feel a whole lot better about myself and what I’m teaching my kids.

Living more sustainably has to start with refusing and reducing our plastic!

We notice it everywhere we go, we know it’s a huge problem and we’re hearing more and more about it in the mainstream news and online – so we know the situation is really bad.

It’s simply too obvious to ignore and continuing not to do our bit to reduce the problem is ignorant. It’s a bit like smoking, look at how socially unacceptable it is to smoke now, I believe our abuse of single use plastic is heading in the same direction.

It is TIME to start making some simple changes that WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

I’ve learned a lot in the last year or so of trying to refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle my plastic problems and I’ve got some cool hacks and resources to share with you that will fast track your journey and leave you feeling #rightious! hehe!

Use fewer plastic bags, get tips on kid’s snacks and lunches, reduce household food plastic, and find alternatives to plastic products.

This challenge starts when you do!

Want to do it alone? Go for it! Want to take your family along for the ride? Great! Get them on board by talking through the challenge goals each week and get brainstorming with them about what you can do!

Want an accountability buddy to join you? Fantastic! Just get them to sign up on this page and help each other out as you go. You’ll also have extra support from past Plastic Warriors over in our Facebook group.

Want to know how the challenge is going to roll?

✊ There will be a Private Facebook Group that you’ll join to share and connect with all the other Plastic Free Warriors in who are or have taken the challenge.

✊ Each week, you’ll receive an email from me with that week’s challenge focus area.

✊ Each email will outline what the goal of the challenge is and will include plenty of ideas to get you thinking about it.

✊ It would be great if each week you post in the group sharing the changes you’ve made and posting some photos! You don’t have to of course, but the more we share our steps the more we inspire each other to keep going!

And that’s it! Most of all, it will be FUN as well as EMPOWERING!

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So come and Join Us!

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!