The very 1st World Awake Movement Facebook Live Broadcast

We have launched the very first World Awake Movement Facebook Live Broadcast/Show!

It feels freakin AMAZING to be DOING this rather than just TALKING about it! Woot!

This has been a passion project of mine for a long time and on the 28th June 2017 we bought it to life on Facebook Live!

Each week my buddy Fiona Buchet and I (Deb Rock-Evans) will go live and start a ‘Conversation that Matters’ about a whole host of topics that cover ‘What we’re feeding our kids minds, bodies and souls’ because we’re over being too busy, too overwhelmed, too distracted to be able to talk about this important stuff.

Topics like:

– Is our school system failing our kids?
– Over-stimulation – devices
– Kids Downtime – are they getting enough?
– Dealing with bullying
– Teaching financial literacy
– Teaching resilience
– Teaching entrepreneurship
– How to help our kids experiencing stress, burnout, anxiety
– What are we feeding our kids? Sugar, Gluten, Dairy, Preservatives etc
– Mindfulness in Schools
– Teaching kids to listen to their intuition, or rather, that it’s ok to do so
– Teaching kids they are enough and they don’t have to take on adult stuff around them
– How to teach our kids to meditate
– How to teach our kids to practice gratitude
– Helping our kids connect with nature

Many of these topics already have eager guests keen to talk about them and we know there are many more of you who are not afraid to use your voice and have these conversations that matter. Let’s activate our mouths so we can activate other people!


Let’s create momentum! This is a Movement after all.


Talk about it here, take it and talk about it at home.


It’s time to talk openly and then start to take action and create the change that we want to see!



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