How do we heal ourselves with Jenny Kennedy


I’d like to thank the lovely Jenny Kennedy from Healing Journey for being my very first guest on the World Awake Movement Live Call!

This was the first in a series under the overarching topic of ‘What Are We Feeding Our Kids’ Minds, Bodies and Souls’ and what a perfect topic to start with as healing ourselves encompasses our minds, bodies and souls.

We covered the 6 steps to healing, how to encourage our kids to heal themselves and how to un-teach ourselves and learn to trust our instincts more. We learned about Jenny’s fascinating story of curing herself from Stage 3 Ovarian cancer and how her experience led her to the work she is doing now, including taking this into schools and how it has helped and healed her relationship with her son and healed her own old hurts that had stored up and caused her dis-ease.

This is a fascinating topic and we’d be happy to have Jenny back so if you have any further questions please post them here and we’ll see what happens.

You can find out more about Jenny here



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