Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?

Are our kids’ breakfasts really the most important meal of the day? Claire says yes, but it is more important that we ‘break’ the ‘fast’ with nutritious food with a spread of protein and good fats rather than sugar laden, highly refined grains for our kids’ breakfasts.


In other words, try not to send your kids to school with toast or cereal as a breakfast, especially when you can’t be sure how well they’re eating during the day.


Cereals are a marketing success

They are high in refined carbs and sugar and not great for breaking the fast. They send our kids blood sugar levels on a roller coaster, spiking, then crashing and leaving them hungry for more of the same. It’s a lot for their little bodies to deal with.


Front-load the nutrition

At the start of the day aim to get a well-balanced and nutritious meal in their bellies, ideally we should eat dinner for breakfast. It takes a while to get to that point though and there are great alternatives to cereal, porridge and toast that can help pave the way. Claire shares many recipes on her blog over at


What about the breakfast haters

For kids that don’t like to eat breakfast, or are very limited with what they will/can eat, she suggested a smoothie or other foods ‘pimped with protein and healthy fats’ so their caloric needs are met and the flavours are nice.  She suggested we avoid juicing as the sugar content is higher and the filling fibre is missing.


Claire has a great cheat sheet she’s created for breakfasts (and lunches), which are great to refer to when you’re out of ideas, easy to make and kids can even make themselves if they are old enough. If you register for her next 5 Day Breakfast Challenge (which is twice a year) you can download the cheat sheet.


She feels we shouldn’t be too concerned if our kids aren’t hungry in the mornings and won’t eat, as long as they are not filling up on junk when they are hungry later in the day and we know what they’re eating.


The Health Star Rating Farce

We discussed the health star rating on our boxed cerels; BEWARE the fancy and misleading graphics on the front and read the nutrition info on the back – look for the per 100g figures as these can be broken down into percentages (say 33g per 100 grams is 33% sugar).  The serving portions are also misleading.


Claire is on a mission to scrap this misleading and useless rating system and is taking her petition (currently at 5,000 signatures) to the NZ and Australian governments to get them to change the legislation. We’d all appreciate your support by signing the petition!


To find out more about Claire’s membership club where you have access to heaps of recipes, advice and guidance visit



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